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CCSS license

Under the License agreement we not only offer our Customers a license for a unique environmentally safe technology of the closed coke slurry system (CCSS), but we also take responsibility for the guarantee performance such as:

20 years of operation

Coke moisture under 10%

Coke pieces under 100 mm

Absence of coke fines and volatile organic compounds emissions into the atmosphere

Absence of hydrocarbons vapor discharge

Safe and healthy environment for the facilities workers

Closed circulation of water in the system without the need of water discharge to sewage

Basic design

We design the system based on the features of the site and the demands of the customer. When the basic design is finished the customer will get a complete set of technical documents required for further FEED engineering as well as a range of consultation services.

Detailed engineering

As the next stage after basic design we can also offer services for detail engineering. During this stage we elaborate all necessary documents for equipment procurement, as well as utility distribution system, including 3D modeling and pipeline routing.

Equipment supply

Supply of the special advanced industrial equipment in compliance with the highest standards and requirements of the Customer.

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We can also provide supervision-installation and commissioning activities to the Customer if required. Each activity stage is adapted to operating peculiarities of a specific refinery in order to ensure smooth integration of the system.


Prior to the equipment commercial operation we train the customer's project team on the features of the new system and how to work with it. We offer technical and technological support during equipment operation.